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What we offer

We are a company ready to make a difference in a market we know well. We want to offer new ideas, new collaborations, new partnerships and above all – new solutions. A bold statement indeed, but also an important commitment to the partners we take on board. If you decide to team up with us, we will commit to:

Insight & timing
Our deep market knowledge, strong technology base and our broad experience, permit us to both understand and predict the market trends and the new solutions required.

Tailored & sustainable solutions
We will initiate, develop and fine-tune green solutions, always safeguarding a cradle-to-cradle perspective.

Access to challenges & renewed collaborations
We shall ensure access to the most interesting challenges, and new partners to solve them with.

Our core market segments: Offshore oil & gas,  energy plants; waste to energy, solar and wind mill. Sub sea systems, decommissioning projects, waste handling, environmental clean-up projects, EOR – North Sea, road pavements, smelting industry, refineries, water works, biogas and wood technology.

Our core product groups: Surfactants, Defoamers, Solvents, Cleaners, Biocides, Flocculants, Activated Carbon, Filter Aid, Ion Exchangers and Lubricants.