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Who we are

Sparks was established during the spring of 2014 with a clear ambition; bringing new ideas and fresh thinking to a market struggling to find green, sustainable solutions. There are many players and we wanted to offer a more agile, energetic and flexible proposition. Thereby also our name Sparks – a trigger that may provoke or inspire people to create new and better ways by working together in untried collaborations. We have an extensive background in the chemistry industry, and acknowledge the challenges lying ahead. We are eager to find new solutions together with our partners and customers.

geir s_hv

Geir Markussen

Geir holds a Master of International Marketing. He is a former Business Manager Energy Grolman Nordic AS, BUM Kraft Chemicals Nordic AS, Marketing Assistant. Basol Norge AS – 17 years of experience in international raw material sales and marketing from a broad range of industries; pharma, solar, mineral, smelters, waste to energy and oil field chemicals. He is also the founder of PureAid – a new water purifier for rural / disaster areas. Geir has a strong commitment and stamina, and appreciate the longrun projects.

aasmund s_hv

Åsmund Sæther

Åsmund holds a Master of Business & Economics. He is a former MD and Partner in Transformer AS, a management consulting company operating in the Nordics, Russia, Ukraine & the Baltics. He also has experience in running improvement programs and start-up of companies. Former MD and Sales Director in Kraft Chemicals Nordic AS (19 years experience) and also financial positions from Saga Petroleum (oil) and Wilh Wilhelmsen (shipping).

thomas s_hv

Thomas Mathiesen

Chemical Engineer, MD at EstiChem AS in Denmark, part of German DS Group. More than 25 years of experience in development, production and marketing of formulated speciality chemicals. He was founder of the Company EstiChem in 1988, and has long experience from graphic arts, coating, polymer, industrial functional fluids and oil field chemicals. Mathiesen holds the position as Chairman of the Board in Sparks.

marianne  s_hv

Marianne Engebretsen

Marianne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Customer orientation and relationship management and has over 14 years of experience with customer service. She has been the general manager and co-owner in a sales and service company and has extensive experience in business operations.

Sparks always takes a safe and green perspective in combination with effectiveness in the product solution. Our transparency and competence in product development will make a sustainable platform for future growth.